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The Team

our crew of tattooers hail from all over the globe, with many guest artists traveling through the shop all year long. be sure to follow us on instagram to stay up to date on our guest artist schedule!

Drifters Ink-3.jpg

Levi Moodie -EL JEFE

Hailing from Canada , Levi Has been an artist over 25 years.  Tattooing for the last 6.  he brings his love of bright colors and bold lines to his tattooing.

SpecialiZing in:

  • Neo traditional

  • Dot work

  • Geometric

  • Traditional

  • dmt entities

Drifters Ink-7.jpg

Alejandro ascanio- artist 

Alejandro loves big trucks and round butts. ale has 20 years experience tattooing and body piercing  

in Venezuela & Costa Rica.

SpecialiZing in:

  • photo realism

  • color realism

  • water color

  • coverups

     & body piercing

Drifters Ink-9.jpg

Shawn McLean- artist

another Canuck , Shawn has over 20 years experience and chose the Pura vida life in Costa Rica after 16 years owning & operating "true love custom tattoos" in London, canada. 

SpecialiZing in:

  • Traditional Japanese

  • Neo traditional

  • big custom pieces

  • eating mushrooms


Matt  -EL Capitan

Hailing from the shores of Cornwall,    

Matt has 10 years experience and is positively delicious.

due to the covid situation, matt is currently not in Costa Rica.  stay tuned...

SpecialiZing in:

  • Black work

  • ornamental

  • Japanese

  • Dotwork

  • traditional tribal


Giovanni - apprentice

gio joined our team this year and is learning the daily tattoo shop grind while also apprenticing under Levi.he'll be pumping out "pura vida" tattoos in no time!


Cobie - la princesa

born here in Costa Rica, Cobie rules the world, and is the reason the shop is only open til 5 (or 6)! Levi is a shop dude and dad to this cutie.


Meg - the real "Jefa"

Cobie's mom, Levi's partner, and the brain behind Levi's beauty, Meg is The shop's biggest cheerleader and co-pilot. 


originally from Canada, Meg is a walking billboard for Levi & MattHEW's Artwork.

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